USS Alaska CB-1 Reunion – 2006

JUNE 14-17,2006

I am sorry to say that our 2006 reunion was poorly attended, but still successful, eventful, and “lots of fun.” There were 22 people in attendance, with only 10 crew members attending. However, even being the smallest group we have ever had, the hotel staff treated us as if we were a large group. The meals were great and our hospitality room was always ready with food and beverages.

As you read in the minutes of our meeting, it again was voted to have it at the same place for 2007 and again voted to start our reunions with check-in on Wednesday and check-out on Saturday. This will enable all of the fathers to be home with their families on Father’s Day. Personally, I thought this was a great idea and hoped it would increase our attendance, but unfortunately it did not work.

This year, it was nice seeing members of the Buschlen and Freeman families. Hope next year we will have several more members of our families joining us. It’s nice to see the young people show an interest in our group.

It was suggested that I publish the roster of the U.S.S. ALASKA (CB-1) in Division order so people can contact members of their division to attend the reunions. The last pages of the newsletter have the listing. Also, everyone can see if there 2006 dues have been paid

The trip to Lewiston Power Project as well the tour of Buffalo was very interesting. Our tour guide for Saturday was super great and gave a history of the City of Buffalo. The two places that the group had lunch were beautiful with plenty of food.

This year the “T” Division was in first place with three attending. The reminder of the group consisted of one member each.

I would like to thank James Cavanagh and John Bollenbacher for all the pictures they took and mailed or e-mailed to me. Due to space limitations, I am unable to put them all in this edition. The next issue will carry some more of the pictures.

Also, we would to thank my grandson, Jake Proper for being our guest speaker of the evening, along with reading a few of the letters his students wrote to us.

At our Annual Banquet, Linda Schulz, Sales Mgr. and Ron Flatley, Banquet Mgr. of the Millennium Hotel, were presented with a U.S.S. ALASKA (CB-1) commemorative plaque showing our appreciation for services rendered during the past three years.

Hope we see you next year in Buffalo.
Charlie St. George

You can view the photo album for this event by clicking here.