Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2006

JUNE 16,2006

Chairman, Charles St. George, opened the 9 am meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

The 2005 Financial Report was submitted and the Chairman mentioned that the reunions were self-sustaining, but he depended upon donations to keep the North Star in operation. He thanked the many people who generously supported our group throughout the year. Motion was made by Jim Cavanaugh and seconded by Pete Fiorini to accept the financial and treasurer’s report, and passed unanimously.

The Chairman then brought up the subject of self-sustaining reunions, which were constant up to this year. He mentioned the fact that bus companies, no matter where reunions are held, require at least 49 people. In working with the bus company this time, the representative was able to help us out by reducing the minimum number to 25; otherwise we would have had to cancel the bus trips. Even with the number 25, we only had 20 on the first day and 22 on the second day, and we had to pay the minimum. The money to cover this “loss” necessarily came from our treasury. He indicated that should this situation continue (less than 45-49 people attending) he would no longer be able to make arrangements for further reunions.

Discussion followed: John Cahill made a motion and seconded by Jack Dishaw to continue having reunions, but to send a notice informing everyone that a commitment needed to be made. Ed Smith made a notion, seconded by Jim Cavanaugh to have the next reunion in Buffalo again at the same place. Both motions were passed. There was further discussion as to how best to go about getting people committed and interested in coming. It was decided that Charlie contact everyone through the North Star newsletter using a flyer or a questionnaire to get input from members. James Cavanaugh felt it important to go back to people that have attended other years and suggested that each of the members make an effort to get in contact with the men within their division to see what could be accomplished. This probably wouldn’t happen until after the August newsletter has been sent out.

Peter Fiorini made a motion to close the meeting seconded by Joe Jarvis.

Respectfully submitted,
Norma St. George