March 19, 2010

Chairman, Charles St. George, opened the Annual Meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

Karen Smith read a letter from Michael Shea, who was unable to attend the meeting, since he will be finished with his class work in May, and plans to graduate in October with his Masters degree. As you know his thesis is his work on the USS Alaska, which he reported was in full swing.

The 2009 Financial Report was submitted and discussed, again reiterating the subject of self-sustaining reunions, which were constant until recently.

This year’s reunion was very successful, due to the amount of time and work expended by Jim and Karen Smith. Karen spent hours on the phone contacting everyone on the 2006 Roster. She made over 200 calls. The response was 65 said yes, they were going to come but when the deadline came there were actually 32, so they set about making final arrangements with rooms needed, the tickets for the planned activities, travel arrangements with a very accommodating trolley and bus company in the area, meal menus, etc. At the last minute we received cancellations from five people, which was substantial change in all above mentioned needs. These were the reasons that this was advertised as the “Final Reunion”. Planning and expenses become more of an issue than years ago.

Regardless of the above, it was continually brought up that we should continue to have reunions; several other areas were suggested, such as Mystic, Providence, Hartford, and the Thousand Islands again. Chairman Charlie responded that wherever reunions are held, it is important that the hotel would provide free shuttle service to and from the airport. He also indicated that the only type of reunion he would be physically able to coordinate would be in the Buffalo area, and since we met so many times there (4) people might not want to come. Several people mentioned that they would attend Buffalo again, because the only reason was to get together, not necessarily a full schedule of activities. When voting, most everyone voted “aye” to be held again in Buffalo.

Special recognition was given to Bill Grhaham of the 6th Division for having 3 additional members of his family in attendance and also Jim & Karen Smith for having their son-in-law and daughter, Chief Robert McVeigh (Ret.) and his wife Kitty McVeigh. Chairman Charlie noted that having family members attend is an excellent way to keep the reunions alive.

Respectfully submitted,

Norma St. George