Special thanks

Edgewater Mansions
Tsingtao, China.
1 Oct. 1945.

Dear USS Alaska:

We of the American Internees from Weihsien who had the privilege of spending last Saturday afternoon on board, wish to thank each and every member of your personnel for the thrilling pleasure you all gave us. It was altogether a thrilling experience to be once more in a friendly American crowd on such a great American ship. Our eager thanks go to everyone of you.

You played and sang for us; you boxed and banged each other for us; you chatted with each of us in hearty friendliness; you fed us scrumptious cake and wonderful ice cream; you guided us an over the ship. And all of you together made a grand "home" crowd of boisterously jolly fellows that took us in as a part of yourselves: giving us a new glow of pride and joy in yourselves, in your ship, and in the high ideals and dynamic American spirit that you represent. The best of luck to you, whever you go.

On behalf of our group, heartily yours,

Lucius C. Porter
Gerald F. Tucker
Robert E. Anderson
Langdon B. Gilkey