Efficient — Generous — Highly Respected
by Each Officer and Man.

Our Executive Officer, Commander J. D. L. Grant is also a possessor of a long and varied naval career. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 1930, and immediately following served on: The USS New York, USS California, USS Louisille, and the USS King (DD242). He then attended Post-Graduate School at Annapolis, and completed two years PG in Communications.

He returned to sea in 1938, joining the staff of Admiral Kimmel as CC Division 7, and as ComCru BatFor. Commander Grant was on the USS Honolulu, (CL38) during the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese. The ship suffered bomb hits. He was very much in the war from then on, until the Jap’s surrender found him aboard the Alaska at Okinawa.

He was aboard the fighting Saratoga when she was torpedoed. He then flew to Australia, and joined the staff of the Commander Allied Naval Forces, SoWesPac, as Fleet Communications Officer. Leaving this tour of duty, he reported at Newport, R. I., assigned to the Alaska detail during its formation and training period.

Commander Grant’s home is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.