New Website Launch, Request for Information

We recently launched the new, upgraded website and hope to be able to bring more information to more people regarding the USS Alaska CB-1 and her crew.

Photos have been added to a new gallery for browsing and commenting. You can click on the thumbnail of any image to begin paging through all the photos in that album. Comments can be left on each page, but will need to be cleared by the editor before appearing on the page.

There is also a new contact form to be used to contact the page editor for more information on submitting items of interest, photos and anything that relates to the USS Alaska CB-1.

We are asking that anyone with information about the ship and/or crew of the Alaska please contact the editor so that we can get that information on the website and have it historically preserved in digital format.

Items of specific interest at this time include a need for personal photos not shown in the cruise book; written accounts of time spent on the ship and at any time during the war; photos from the following USS Alaska Reunions:

  • 1983 – Allentown PA
  • 1984 – Allentown PA
  • 1985 – Buffalo NY
  • 1986 – Buffalo NY
  • 1987 – Cincinnati OH
  • 1988 – Nashville TN
  • 1989 – Duluth MN
  • 1990 – Seattle WA
  • 1991 – Clearwater FL
  • 1992 – Charleston SC
  • 1993 – Niagara Falls NY
  • 1994 – Philadelphia PA
  • 1995 Las Vegas NV
  • 1996 New Orleans LA

Photos should be submitted digitally to the email address we will provide you after your request is received from the contact form. If you are not able to have your photos scanned, we can do that for you. PLEASE CONTACT THE EDITOR TO OBTAIN THE MAILING ADDRESS FOR YOUR PHOTOS. DO NOT SEND PHOTOS TO CHARLIE.

Thank you once again and we look forward to providing more information & preserving all information to share with generations to come.